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To create the optimal boating experience, PORT 32 has developed a custom software and mobile app solution for the PORT 32 Marina Collection. This cloud-based, full-service marina management application creates a streamlined experience for both marina customers and staff.

Marina customers are able to make reservations, pay invoices, and manage their accounts directly from their mobile devices using the custom-developed PORT 32 mobile app. PORT 32 staff manage customer contracts, invoicing, and point of sale data all from one central location. PORT 32 uses custom software to access reporting data and analytics across all PORT 32 Marinas in real-time, helping to increase efficiency.

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Adventure is at your fingertips

Using the custom-developed PORT 32 mobile app, marina customers can easily make reservations and manage their accounts from their mobile devices. Fuel, drinks, and other amenities can be included with a reservation, and custom notes can be added to ensure your boating experience is stress-free. Keeping track of invoices has never been easier with the ability to view both paid and unpaid invoices and make payments directly through the app.

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Streamlining the process

PORT 32 Marinas are able to use their cloud-based reservation management system to more efficiently track and process customer reservations. With data updating in real-time, marina staff can track the progress of all reservations and any boats that are currently out of their slip or rack.

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Everything, all in one place

The PORT 32 Marina management platform covers all the needs of day to day marina management. Combining reservation management, customer data management, invoicing, and point of sale systems all into one cloud-based software, PORT 32 was able to reduce the need for multiple, separate systems and optimize their workflow.

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